Divinity Drive-Up

For twenty two years Pastor Paul Barkey has held Sunday service in the sanctuary of Ashland Community Church just south of Manhattan, KS.

Sunday, March 19th Pastor Barkey held his sixth drive-up service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a look into Ashland Community Church's drive-up service.

“Let’s first pray for our Country, and pray for our President. Let’s pray for the Vice President, Mike Pence who’s leading the taskforce concerning the Coronavirus. Let us pray for the health officials, the Center for Disease Control, and people that deal with viruses. Let us pray for the people that are in Congress. I ask you Lord to guide them and the decisions they are making will have great impact on the future, the future of the Country and the welfare for all of us. Let us pray for the medical personnel. We want to pray for their health and wisdom, and we want to pray to you Lord to give them strength to sustain them in the long hours they are putting in. We want to pray for their families as many of them are separated from their homes. We want to pray for Governors, for County Commissioners, Mayors and others that are making decisions that have a great impact on our communities. And then we want to pray for our own community. And Lord we do pray for Manhattan, for Riley County, Pott County, and other counties in this area. We ask that you’ll be with them in these trying times. Lord we pray for the farmers in the community here that you’ll give them wisdom and direction and provide for their needs. So we ask your blessing upon that. And now Lord we want to thank you for Jesus Christ. We are in need of your care, your guidance, and your hope.”

                        -Pastor Paul Barkey

“Social distancing, isolating, and the protection people are taking is a test that kind of isolates us personally. We are the body of Christ and so we come together in this unusual fashion. So you suppose they’re gathering in chariots in heaven? I don’t think they’ll be anyone isolated in Heaven. But here we are in our chariots gathering together.”

-Pastor Paul Barkey

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