Morel Hunting

Every April, when the red buds bloom, morels make their way through the warm, moist soil and emerge as sought-after delicacies that bring foragers into the woods.

Easy to find, if you know the right location, hunters typically keep their spots a close held secret.

In the most rewarding game of eye spy, hunters crouch through wet, dense forest for hours, motivated by the allure of the hard to find mushroom.

Kansas was on lockdown during peak morel season and hunters took advantage of the remote, socially distanced outdoor tradition.

In the kitchen, morels hold a high resale price point which can start at $55 per pound.

Versatile in various cooking methods and unique in flavor, morels are the gourmet ingredient you can find in your local woods. 

Nothing quite beats the age-old classic dish; battered in flour, pan fried in butter and seasoned with salt.

The reward for hunters is foraging the mushroom and cooking it. The only hands it touched are yours. That’s a rare and beautiful thing.

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